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Ragdoll kittens NC—we are ragdoll breeders and we have ragdoll kittens for sale in NC—we often get asked if we have a ragdoll kitten for sale, and the answer is often—YES!

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Ragdoll Kittens For Sale in NC, Ragdoll Breeders, Ragdoll Kittens NC!

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AVAILABLE – Male 3 – Blue Lynx Bicolor


AVAILABLE – Spidey Male 1 – Seal Bicolor


AVAILABLE – Spidey Male 2 – Blue Bicolor


AVAILABLE – Spidey Male 3 – Blue Lynx Bicolor


RESERVED – Jambalaya Male 1 – Seal Bicolor


RESERVED – Jambalaya Male 2 – Blue Bicolor


AVAILABLE – Jambalaya Female 5 – Seal Bicolor


AVAILABLE – Arielle Male 1 – Blue Lynx Bicolor


AVAILABLE – Arielle Male 2 – Blue Bicolor


RESERVED – Sassy Doll Male 2 – Seal Bicolor


AVAILABLE – Sassy Doll Male 3 – Seal Lynx Bicolor


AVAILABLE – Sassy Doll Female 4 – Blue Bicolor


AVAILABLE – Sassy Doll Female 5 – Seal Lynx Bicolor


Each ragdoll kitten for sale is registrable with TICA (The International Cat Association) and CFA (Cat Fanciers Association). Pet kitten buyers will receive a registration with one of the above registries.

 Pet quality ragdoll kittens are $2500 and up. Prices include neuter/spay, age appropriate distemper vaccine/s, deworming, vet check, registration paper and 2 years from birth genetic health guarantee.

Ragdoll breeder or show kittens are also priced individually.

In order to reserve a ragdoll kitten for you, we need a $500 deposit for a pet ragdoll kitten and $1000 deposit for a breeder / show ragdoll kitten.

If you are on the waiting list and have not chosen a specific ragdoll kitten for sale, the deposit check is not cashed and is returnable. The deposit is required to indicate that an individual is really serious about purchasing a ragdoll kitten for sale. Since we often have numerous individuals interested in the same ragdoll kitten, the deposits serve to establish the picking order of pet ragdoll kittens—earlier deposits receive higher priority.

Once a particular ragdoll kitten for sale is chosen, we’ll hold that kitten for you—the deposit check is cashed, and is not refundable.

Update: I am not keeping a waiting list at this time. I post pictures of the kittens on the Facebook page and this web page when they are available to be reserved.

Paying with PayPal—add 4% using this service.

Before using PayPal to make a deposit on a specific ragdoll kitten for sale, please contact me first—to make sure that specific kitten is still available.


-Enter $520 for a Pet kitten deposit.

-Enter $1040 for a Breeder/Show kitten deposit.

Payment Amount:

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Contact: Nicole Baca

Cell: 704-771-9327