KennyDear Nicole, I send to you Kenny’s results by WCF and TICA. WCF results: 1x BEST GENERAL (BEst over all), 2x Best in Show, 1x Best of Best, 1x Best of Breed, 4x CACJ, 6x Nominiert to BIS, 1x Ex. II., 3x CAC, 1x CACIB, 2x Best opposite of Sex. WCF ring: 1x 5th Best Kitten. TICA: 1x 4th Best LH Kitten, 1x 5th Best AB KittenBetty,Diamond Dolls, Hungary

“After doing extensive research on Ragdoll breeders, we chose Allstar Ragdolls. We adopted not just 1, but 4 of Nicole’s beautiful and sweet babies. They are so amazing that we couldn’t just have one. Nicole is an extremely responsible and knowledgeable breeder that cares so much. She was by far the easiest breeder to work with! We reached out to so many breeders around the United States before finding Nicole. We are so happy we found her. We live out of state, and drove hours each time, but the trips were all so worth it. We were so impressed with our entire experience! For those of you searching for a reputable breeder, here are a few reasons why we chose Allstar Ragdolls:

1.) Nicole is very responsive and knowledgeable. She is so nice to talk to and does not pressure or belittle you.

2.) No waitlist: Nicole posts beautiful and very clear pictures/videos of the kittens on her Facebook page as they are available and ready to go home. Most breeders I found had a waitlist and you have to pay a deposit to be on the list, and then wait for litters to be born. Most only would transfer the deposit to a litter or 2 if you still haven’t found the kitten you wanted. After that, you lose your deposit. Nicole’s process allows you to pick the kitten of your choice when you are ready, then you pay a deposit to reserve. Her process helps you choose the kitten you really want without having to settle due to fear of losing your deposit if you can’t choose from your litter options.

3.) Her kittens are consistently so beautiful. Then you meet them in person, and you want to leave with them all. That is how we ended up with 4 haha!!

Thank you so much Nicole for all of the happiness that you have added to our lives. We love Skylar, Max, Teddy & Grayson so very much. We are beyond grateful to have them in our family.”Melissa A.10/07/2022

“Hey Nicole! Here is a current picture of Minnie- she is the best cat in the whole world and everyone who meets her absolutely adores her!!”Molly M.11/21/2021

Jenny X.“Hi Nicole, it was Panko’s 4th birthday two days ago and I just want to provide with you some updates on. He gaves me so much joy then I can give the little guy. Thank you again (as always) for bringing this little guy into our lives and as a family member!”Jenny X.11/23/2021

Sarah C.“Hi! I wanted to give you an update on our boy, Marshmallow! He’s the sweetest boy ever! Everyone who visits loves him.”Sarah C.11/27/2021

Lauren E.“Hello! Just wanted to give you a quick update on Arlo. He’s getting so big and coming into his own personality. He is BEAUTIFUL!! Loves the doggy’s and is SO patient with my twins. He’s very chill, super sweet and fits in perfectly with our family. We just love him!! Thank you so much for our sweet kitty!”Lauren E.12/13/2021

Melissa MillardHi Nicole, Wanted to let you know that after having our new kitten home for just over 2 weeks now, he has become the sweetest little love of the bunch! Our adult male Ragdoll is his “manny” attending to all the kittens needs and showing him the ropes. This kitten has the loving, cuddly and playful personality, along with the unique “dog-like” qualities that make him a Ragdoll. He literally comes running every time we call him, plays fetch with us and is learning how to play hide and seek with his brother and our Golden Retriever. And did I mention his stunning looks??! Oh my goodness…he’s a beauty!Melissa Millard03/15/2016

Paul StevensonHere is a great picture of Callie and Bo (Bacall and Bogart). They are chasing a fly in the upper left hand corner. Callie and Bo are from AllStar Rags (not sure which mom so am copying my wife. lol) Callie follows me around all day. And Bo is utterly devoted to Lisa. Amazingly, they have decided that Frankie, our 15-year-old Ragdoll cat, is their new most-wonderful-cat-in-this-world (and Frankie has mixed emotions about the whole thing. He would just rather nap all day in somebody’s lap.) Take care. Thanks for such great kittens! Happy New Year! Take care,Paul Stevenson02/08/2016

Shannon M.Hi! Better late than never? so sorry it took so long to get this to you. Here is Olaf he’s just over a year old (he does weigh about 12.5lbs) we are working on that. Lol. He’s so very playful he has a love/hate relationship w/ our kids. They are 3 & 4 and Olaf chases them around the house like a dog! He loves to hide and then swat at them as they run around. He has to be with someone every minute of the day. He has 2 tall cat beds he loves to lounge in when we are not home. I take the kids to school and there he is watching us out the window then greeting us when we get back. He loves to talk as well. He has just been a wonderful addition to our family and we all love him to pieces.Shannon M.01/11/2016

Tracie Rowe and FamilyNicole, I just wanted to touch base and let you know that our kitten is absolutely wonderful! The girls have named her Bella. She is an amazing kitty… she always wants to be in the middle of everything and follows us all over the house. Even during bath time she’ll hop up on the side of the tub to watch the girls take baths – it is so cute! The girls adore her….she rarely walks. Ha ha! I have cautioned the children that if they carry her too much and play with her too much she will start to hide. Nope! She seems to love it! Even when the girls are dancing/singing and carrying on…being rambunctious, she lays in the floor amidst it all – does not bother her one bit. She and our other Ragdoll have made friends… she has even made Annibelle emerge from her shell a bit – Annibelle seems to come out to visit more frequently, and I think she enjoys having a new kitty friend. Bella is just the sweetest cat ever and her personality is so vivacious. She’ll even play with us – she hides behind doors and then pounces on us and hugs our leg – it is hysterical! My husband said he’s never known a cat to do the things that she does (and he has had a lot of cats in his life) – she is just awesome and absolutely beautiful! It’s nice to have an animal that is a part of the family activities. Just wanted you to know that she has been worth every penny so far! Thanks again! I hope you are doing well!! All our best,Tracie Rowe and Family08/06/2014

The Rowe'sBella has brought our family a lot of joy. We have really enjoyed her personality and her playful spirit. She does things that typical cats would not normally do ~ we swear she is part dog. Lol! We will be celebrating her 2nd birthday in just a few months! Thank you for such a wonderful kitty! She is “tha bomb!” Happy New Year to you and your family. Kindest Regards,The Rowe’s

David BHe comes when I whistle ( most of the time), loves to play fetch with almost anything, follows my every step, let’s me trim his nails effortlessly, sleeps under the covers, and stays off the counters and tables. Pretty good cat. Thank you.David B.,Casper, WY

AprilNicole, with All Star Ragdolls, has been an absolute pleasure to work with! When we explained our desire for a “cuddly” kitten, she was quick to respond with pictures and information. When we finally got our Ragdoll kitten, Edward, we were in love! He was – is – everything we could have hoped for in a cat. He is well behaved, incredibly social, entertaining, playful and very, very cuddly! One of the things that sets All Star Ragdolls apart from other Ragdoll breeders, is the way Nicole brings up the kittens. They are in a loving home, and best of all, they’re brought up with a familiarity with dogs. When Edward met our older dog, Charlie, he instantly took to him. No hissing or warnings at all. It was so cute to see them snuggle and sleep together, too (in Charlie’s bed, nonetheless)! If we ever decide to get another cat, we will think of All Star Ragdolls first and foremost because of the impeccable breeding, among other things. Thanks, Nicole, for letting us adopt our perfect little Edward from you! We love him so much!April C.

Lisa S.I just wanted to say hi, and share a bit about my babies at their 1 year birthday. I can’t express how much we appreciate you sharing these wonderful kids with us. As you can see from the picture below, they both “help” me when I work from home. Best home office ever! Bogart (Bo) is a very macho guy. He sleeps on my feet every night to keep them warm and safe. Bacall (Callie) is my little “princess” she’s so dainty and sincere. When I’ve been working too much, she just sits on my notebook like this and tells me she loves me. Thank you again, and have a wonderful summer!Lisa S.

Jen C.Ace loves to workout with me! He plays fetch constantly, sleeps behind my head on a pillow and will get underneath the blankets at Stephens feet! He follows us around and loves his big brother Toby’s Cat food instead of his expensive kitten food haha! He has started losing his baby teeth and we find them in the weirdest places! We are so thankful we have him (not so much Toby yet lol)and he has definitely spiced up our lives!Jen C.01/10/2016

Alicia OHi Nicole, Just wanted you to know that we finally made it home last night. Kitty did great! Our flight ended up being 3 hours delayed, so we had to sit for a long time waiting at the airport. We held him the whole time and he just slept in my arms practically the whole time. He was the “star” at the gate!!! We felt like celebrities! Everyone was coming up to me asking me about him, what kind of cat is he, they’d never seen a cat as beautiful as him, where did I get him, etc! (One woman may call or email you – she lives in North Carolina too). The women were all taking pictures of him, and even some of the men were looking and smiling. He was a big hit and actually made the waiting time at the gate go by much faster and put a smile on everyone’s face instead of grumpiness about the situation with our flight! He slept in my arms during the flight too. He’s such as good boy. Didn’t get home until around 10:00 last night. Thanks so much again and I will forward pictures of him as he grows!Alicia

Sheri F.Leo is a pure delight! He makes me smile everyday and has such a unique personality…….quite the character! He is quite fearless, curious , loving and lazy which makes him so much fun to watch and play with. We got him this Monkey when we got him as a kitten and he knows the sound of its squeaker its so cute because he knows it’s his toy!!Sheri F.

Nikki K.Bella has transitioned so easily into our home and family! She came to us box-trained, sweet and playful from the very beginning. As first-time cat owners, Nicole was a great resource to help us prepare for her arrival.Nikki K.

Zoe Jackie B.Nicole, This photo was taken after our first stroll around the block. Zoe likes her stroller and gets into it when I bring out Oscar’s leash…..she is ready to roll and does not want to be left behind!Jackie B.12/01/2015

Beau and BleuHi Nicole, Trust all is well with you, family, and all the RAGDOLLS. We are extremely pleased with our two kittens that are now almost 7 mos. old. They are so much company and fun……also get into a lot of things together. As you know Beau is a little older than Bleu and was a little larger when we got them. Bleu is now larger and heavier than Beau. At 6 mos. Bleu weighed 9 lbs. to Beau’s 7.3 lbs. Beau may be catching up a little and will be weighed again by end of this month. We could not be more pleased with these kittens (almost cats). Am attaching a photo that could appropriately caption “HE DID IT!” Best regards,Molly and David Montgomery

Beau and Bleu 2Hi Nicole, It’s been awhile since we’ve given you an update. They continue to be outstanding pets and are inseparable! Both are healthy 12 pounders! As you know, we are extremely pleased with our RAGDOLLS!
Molly and David Montgomery

EnvyDear Nicole, I just want you to know how happy Envy and I are together! I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect companion. He truly completes my life and brings me so much joy every single day. His personality is one of a kind! He learned how to fetch very easily and loves to hide behind things and jump out at me as I walk by haha! He is so much like a little puppy, always waiting at the door for me when I come home. He sits on the edge of the tub when I shower and even likes to be splashed with water. Such a stinker I think my favorite thing is the conversations we have with each other. I love when he talks to me! Thank you again for everything you have done for us! I will be back soon for another kitten.
Courtney Alexander

Jing M.Hello Dear Ms. Nicole, How’s your thanksgiving holiday? Thank you for selling the kitten to me:) He is really health and lovely.
Jing Ma

WellingtonNicole, Sweet Wellington is just about a year old already! He is our first Ragdoll and I’m never owning another breed. He is by far the sweetest, most laid back and loving cat I have ever owned. He does not like being alone at all! Follows us around the house all day which I love. He is the perfect family cat. My 2 toddlers adore him and he’s just so patient and kind with them. He’s a big boy weighing at almost 18 pounds. We seriously adore this little man! Thank you for offering the perfect baby for our family! Xoxo
Nicole S.

Cody and BeauHi Nicole, just wanted to tell you how much I love my new babies. They are really enjoying each other too. Cody is absolutely beautiful. He is really gorgeous. Their personalities are very different. Beau is into everything. Cody is a bit more laid back and almost always wanting to be on my lap. He is such a sweet little love. I love his coloring, stunning. You can see where his markings will be on his back and sides. They are so hilarious to watch together and are an absolute joy. I couldn’t be happier. Thanks ever so much!
Carole Schueneman

CharlieHi,Nicole!! I just wanted to check in. We named our kitten Charleston Sparkle Heart, but he goes by Charlie. 🙂 My girls were instrumental in the name. Haha Charlie is doing GREAT!!! He just fits right in with the family and has everyone smitten. He had a good check up with the vet last week and got his last distemper shot. The girls constantly hold and carry him and he’s so tolerant. I’m thankful for that. And he loves napping in my lap during the day. Thanks for everything!
Emily Fuller