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About The Breed

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The ragdoll cat has a very laidback and gentle disposition. They have the ability to go limp in your arms like a child’s ragdoll; some almost even feel boneless. They are not loners and will seek out your company; they are like a little shadow following you around. They are very tolerant of other animals as well as children and many will let themselves be dressed in doll clothes with no resistance. Ragdoll cats are very docile, gentle and trusting therefore should be kept indoors. They love to play and can even learn to fetch; for that reason they are often compared to dogs. They love to stretch out and relax on their backs with their legs spread apart to take naps.



The ragdoll cat has a medium length rabbit-like soft and silky coat. The fur is low shedding and non matting, so it is very easy maintenance. A weekly brushing with a steel comb is all you need. One of the largest cat breed, the ragdoll cat takes up to 4 years to reach maturity with the females weighing from 10-15 pounds and the males 15-20 pounds. The traditional ragdoll is a pointed cat with beautiful blue eyes. Kittens are born white and get there point colors in the first few weeks. They gradually obtain their full color at about 2 years. The ragdoll cat comes in 3 patterns: colorpoint, bicolor, mitted. The colors consists of seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, fawn, red and cream along with the tortoiseshell and lynx variations.


AllStarRags’ ragdoll cats are available in the following colors and patterns: Seal Bicolor, Blue Bicolor, Seal Point, Seal Mitted, Blue Mitted and Lynx Point.

Seal point: has dark brown to black points with light to medium brown body color.

Blue point: has medium to dark blue-gray points with light to medium blue-gray body color.

Color point: The feet are the same color as the rest of the points and it has no white on the body. The body color is a lighter version of the point color.

Mitted: Is the same as the color point, except the front feet have white mittens, the back feet white boots and the cat should have a white chin extending into a white belly stripe down the tummy. Some have a white blaze between the eyes or on the nose.

Bicolor: The bicolor has white legs, chest and underside with an inverted V on the face.

Lynx point: It is actually an additional pattern of stripes appearing over the normal patterns as listed above. In addition to the stripes it has white eyeliner around the eyes, the whisker pads are mostly white, the nose leather is a pinkish to red brick color and there is no point color in the ear. Many people refer to this as the Tabby pattern.



I do not raise the solid, mink or sepia ragdolls. These cats do not meet the Ragdoll standard in any organization, they come from outcrosses. They do not go back to the “Original Ragdolls” as some claim. If you truly want a Ragdoll cat, then make sure you are getting a Traditional Ragdoll that meet the standards and not an outcross.


See our ragdoll cats page here. We are a responsible ragdoll cattery / ragdoll breeder in North Carolina, and we love the ragdoll cat breed!